Dedicated Disability Attorneys in Mississippi

Davis-Morris Law Firm has dedicated Social Security attorneys in Mississippi who have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get all Social Security disability benefits that are due to you.

Calculating Disability Payments

The amount of disability payments due to you depends on various factors. Our experienced Social Security lawyers have the knowhow to calculate the amount of payments due to you and will improve your chances of receiving what you are entitled to receive.

Filling Claims and Paperwork

When you are forced to leave work because of a physical or mental disability, filling out forms and obtaining the relevant medical and other records can be overwhelming. Our administrative staff at Davis-Morris Law Firm can easily collect the records you need, help you complete forms and aid you in filing them at the right time. While the entire process is new to you, it is routine work for us, and we can help speed up the process.

Different Stages of Hearings

Once you have filed your application for disability payments, you may have to attend or be represented at multiples hearings. Our Mississippi Social Security lawyers will explain the most important facts for you and represent you in all stages of the hearings if needed. This means you will have our representation at administrative and federal hearings. Federal hearings involve written and sometimes oral arguments that can only be presented by a lawyer.

No Upfront Fees

Disability payments are meant to ensure the financial well-being of someone who is unable to work for physical or psychological reasons. However, obtaining the full payments can be cumbersome to those who are injured and working toward their recovery. By retaining the services of dedicated disability attorneys in Mississippi, you can be assured of obtaining all the legal help and representation you need during this trying time.

In addition, we will not charge a fee unless we win the case and obtain back benefits on your behalf. This reduces your upfront expenses and lowers the risk of spending money without a return. We will collect our payment only after your disability payments have been awarded, helping you conserve your resources.

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